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Very unique, and very funny.

I don't have a Facebook. Constantly, my friends pester me about getting one. I'm sorry, I don't want to read their mundane updates, and I don't want to hear about their purple cows or whatever. From now on, I'm sending this to them whenever I have that conversation.

I'm struggling a little bit to criticize the animation. Very minimal, but that worked well. It's very interesting that you satirized the typical Facebook girl in a way that just used a couple words popping up to keep things funny. The speech bubbles on your part seemed a little much, though. I would have preferred a voiceover, perhaps from the point of view of somebody watching the updates.

The Facebook page itself was very neatly done. I especially enjoyed the Forever Alone comic at the top, and the Penicorn just peeking up from the bottom of the screen. Overall, the piece is very interesting, and it's pretty poignant. Nice job!

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Dosensuppen responds:

Thanks. Speech bubble, as many said, was an overkill. I got that through my head. If a new one is made, I'll remove that. Thanks for your review, mate.

Very funny.

Sound effects really went a long way in this Flash. It's refreshing to see a meaningful (if short and playful) cartoon conveyed without much speech other than "Oh no!"

The art looked really spectacular. The bright colors were very clean, and they helped establish that playful mood. Put this in black and white with sharper lines, and it becomes a drama. Funny how things work like that.

Throughout the movie, I enjoyed the buildup. The climax was hilarious in my opinion, though I won't ruin it for others. There's not much I can say to add to this other than some music, but it really works even without it.

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Polished, clever too!

I'm really in awe at the artistic skill something like this must take to create. I know animating frame by frame takes me hours, so I can't even imagine the kind of effort that goes into creating something like this.

Some of the bits were really funny. I especially enjoyed Hilmi's Superman segment. Originality was evident, and if there wasn't new ground broken, then there was a ton of style shining through. Ayai's dancing segment was just plain cool. I loved the squiggly arms. However, a little more cohesion among the bits would not have gone unappreciated; if there was a common theme or symbol, you'd have a movie, and not just a collection of animations.

It's a shame that you had to take a hit on the quality. An HD version on YouTube or something would be really cool to take a look at. I would have liked to see just a little more with the entire presentation, maybe a developed intro, maybe a credits section, something to make the experience more immersing.

Other than that, it was a lot of fun to watch.

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akoRn responds:

thanks~ ! I'm sure to pass the compliment to Hilmi n Ayai! :D
thiis is a link to a slightly better quality of my own piece:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujLZw2 yQoc4

not sure if other upload their to youtube

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Interesting, but could use some tweaks.

As a whole, this screams "engine test" to me. The game was fun as a small time-killer, but it wasn't an entirely satisfying experience. From the very beginning, the game's pacing was too slow. I would have liked to not do the chore for the man, and just have to kill a rat or find a coin to get a weapon. It's just more engaging.

From a graphical standpoint, the game was done very well. I was reminded of the original Pokemon games, so you won a ton of points with me for that. The monochromatic style was nice, refreshing even, but some of the designs were too plain. Maybe a couple more kinds of trees?

Overall, the game was decent, but it could have been a lot more fun. The combat system needs to be fleshed out a little more, for a real classic RPG experience.

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kcnh responds:

Thank you for your review!

Hell, I laughed.

Ostriches are animals that bother me. They're these giant, flightless, and kind of stupid birds that can't fly. They seem like the perfect protagonist for an oddball game, and it was a good choice for this production.

The art across the entire game was really excellent. The animation cycles for the ostrich were fluid, and I didn't see any choking across the other animations of the game. The ice walls didn't look fantastic, but they did the job. Conversely, the candy canes, while being hilarious, were very well-drawn, and fit the game well.

Precise controls are essential in a game like this. I'm happy to report that the response time was lightning fast, and I didn't have any "OH MY GOD THIS GAME IS CHEATING" moments. It made the game a lot of fun to replay.

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Needs more.

This game should have had much more success than it got, but it's plagued by a couple of annoying traits. Certainly, getting stuck in a level where you can't jump or escape is bothersome. I almost ragequit after it happened a couple times in a row.

The game looks really cool. I'm generally pretty critical on pixel art, but you pulled it off artfully. The game looks polished; there's not much excess, and I have to compliment you on color choice; it helped the mood a little.

I think if you go back and have a look at level design, you'll end up with a much better product. I love the concept of the game, and the general design is almost admirable, but the end-result just falls a bit flat.

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Heavy and Delicious, Much Like Pound Cake

If I were able to eat this song, I'm not sure I would even realize it. I would devour it so quickly that my mind simply wouldn't even process the act. Quite plainly, this is the greatest track I have heard this month, year, and quite possibly eon.

The pounding, yet in some way comforting guitar and menacing, minimalist percussion brought a terror from my chest, and promptly beat that terror and fear to death with massive quarter-notes. As the fear was bleeding on the ground, the song persisted, and the crushing heaviness of it all ripped manly hairs from under my skin, providing me with a masculine chest-beard and a competition worthy face-beard. If anyone likes heavy music, they need search no further than this track; I find it to be the Holy Grail of music, art, and human achievement.

Lebanon sounds interesting!

As I listen to this, I picture a wanderer in the desert. It's a bit stereotypical, but I think that's because the music hits the core of what most would perceive to be relevant to the emanating region. As the song begins, the hits on whatever instrument (sitar, lute?) bring me straight to an "Aladin"-esque portrait: people garbed in fezzes and pet monkeys walking about in sand dunes.

The song changes feels often, which is kind of distracting, but also engaging on repeated listens. Initially, there a kind of inquisitive feel to the song, as if someone's exploring, but as the percussion hits, it moves the listener closer to a more serious feeling. When the speed picks up, a thriving market scene could be imagined, and after that, we can get a view of the Lebanon area.

I quite enjoyed the variation in style, as it provided a lot of fantastic imagery. Instrumentation, as usual, was impeccable. Flowing nicely, the music changed beats quite seamlessly, which made the song a lot of fun to listen to.

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camoshark responds:

Thanks alot for the great review!

I'm happy you see such image from this song, it's exactly what I was aiming for!

Also, thanks for the compliments!

Samuel Hébert


This is something I imagine at the end of a video game. The princess is saved, the town is back to normal, the dragon is dead. There's a certain kind of relief that this song brings about, almost a cathartic experience.

The sax sounds really smooth, and I enjoyed the few touches of eighth (or what I assume to be eighth) notes, just to cut things up a bit. They added a bit of a kick to parts that would have otherwise been bland.

I don't think you need much else. The song sounds very finished; any other instruments or percussive devices would either be tacky or simply extraneous. I could listen to this if I wanted to zone out for a little while, but it would have to be a touch longer. Good job.

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camoshark responds:

Thanks for the great review!

Lol, if I see your image the same way you do, than it would probably follow my other song Boss Battle!

The sax sound you here is actually a viola, but I thought it did sound like a smooth sax, so I kept it as is.

An eighth (or straight eighths, as you probably meant) is a for of metric used when you play, straight eighths being the opposite of swing.

I'm guessing thought that you saw the previous commenter below you and wanted to cheer me up, without even knowing what he was talking about. I appreciate the intention though, and I wont pull a grunge on you. ;)

Again, thanks for the great review, and fear not: the song is simply short because it's only one form (complete chord progression), but I'll do this song and many more at my next semester at school, and it'll then be MUCH longer.

Samuel Hébert

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I'm not getting it.

Sorry man, but I'm not seeing anything in this picture. To me, it appears to be mayonnaise with some mustard and ketchup smeared in. You have a good grasp of color, but you need to focus on form and line more. Without that, your piece really can't stand by itself.

Maybe if you defined the shape a little bit more, I would see the demon. Move the points closer to the top of the image, bring out the face. Use less yellow in where you want the "demon" to exist, and oranges and yellows behind it to create a hellish background. Keep working at it.

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Innocent and clean.

I'm reminded a little bit of a kids' book when I see this. He's on his way to work, obviously, but he'll teach us some lessons on the way. His clean, demure construction works well, especially in his face. I like his tiny eye, and his nose is kind of funny.

His business clothes look great; it's amazing what you did with just a couple blues. The style of this creation is very unique, and I'd favorite it if you were scouted. I don't think you need a background, simply because the dude works very well by himself. If you did manage to do one, I'd like to see it done in the same style as the guy, with no hard lines, and with very cold colors.

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StalkerGuy responds:

Alright, thanks. You should check out Totaljerkface. I was borrowing his style, of his clothes and using small amount of colors. Thanks!

This is where I'm going when I die.

I'm curious about how this piece was created. At first glance, it appears to be real, but upon further inspection, the various filters and effects lend the picture to one's imagination. Did you use a picture of fire as a base, or was this created from scratch?

The phoenix figure is kind of evident, but only in a Rorschach-Test manner. As abstract art, it works well, but the figure could be more clearly defined if you want it to be. If I just looked at the picture, knowing nothing about it, I'd think it was just some fire or a portrait of Hell.

Overall, the picture looks neat, but there are two issues that lost you points. The first is the text; it seems unnecessary for the Art Portal, where you are credited and where the title is above the picture. I understand having the text if you were uploading this somewhere else, but it's extraneous and distracting here. If you must have it, organize it in a black bar at the bottom of the picture.

The second problem I see is an odd bar of color at the bottom, starting just above the "a" in your name, extending to both sides and the bottom of the picture. To see what I mean, look at the light flame in the left-middle of the bottom portion of the picture. I don't know if that's a rendering error or something, but it looks weird.

Nice job overall.

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SessileNomad responds:

wow im surprised you found that overlay problem near the 'a' in my name, i never noticed that, i dont plan on fixing it since im kind of trying to work on other things but yeah, now i feel kind of nubbish

the original pic was a bucket with lots of rust on it, the filters really were what morphed it into an abstract image

without the dodge tool emphasizing the shape of the phoenix, it does basically loot like a lot of fire, but i wanted to have some kind of specific subject matter rather than just abstract looking flames

I'd rather you not.

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